More Than Just Another Answering Service

You can hire almost anyone to simply answer your phones, there are dozens of companies that will provide the service for you.  Many companies would rather get a little more bang for their buck and take advantage of all the other service that we can provide.  Our company has diversified the services that we provide to improve how we serve our clients.

Technology has allowed to offer all of our clients a plethora of services that go hand in hand with our answering services.  We want to help you organize and simplify your business, here are some of the services that we can provide freeing you up to focus on your business while we handle your calls and basic tasks.

Live Call Answering Services

You can get an automated voicemail system anywhere you probably already have one with your current phone system.  But if you talk to your customers you will find that their number one pet peeve is when they can’t speak to someone on the other end of the phone.  Our operators will be your virtual receptionists, we train all of our staff on your business giving them the ability to answer basic customer questions.  We will handle calls from your clients after hours, holidays or on weekends.  Our team can even take calls from your staff and pass the messages on to the appropriate person.  Here is a look at how a typical call can sound like.

Receiving Your Messages

The whole point of having a live answering service is to get your messages and we understand how important that is.  We can deliver your message through several different avenues it doesn’t just have to be over the company phone.  We can send them to you via text, email or even a fax if you prefer.  You can change your method of message delivery at any time or have it based on the urgency of the message.

Virtual Offices

If you have a new business or you’re a solopreneur and don’t need or want an entire front office staff then our services can affordable replace them.  Not only can we take care of answering your phones, we can provide you with a virtual address to collect mail, complete receptionists services and fax services as well.  If you work in the health care industry we have medically trained staff who can answer your calls and direct your patients where they need to go, all while being HIPAA compliant.

Answering basic telephone calls can be done by anyone but if you want a system that is more robust then let us serve your needs.