Shorts Program

The DownTown Independent
8pm •April 25

Tonight's program of short films features a hand-curated selection of highlights from the 69th Locarno Festival, including Manoun Coubia's top prize-winning The Fullness of Time (A Romance), James N. Kienitz Wilkins' festival sensation Indefinite Pitch, striking new works from the ever-inventive Camilo Restrepo and Joana Pimenta, and a provocative take on a beloved text by the celebrated duo of Gabriel Abrantes and Ben Rivers.

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Golden Leopard Guest Pass holders will receive free admission to this program.


The Fullness of Time (Romance)

Manoun Coubia, Belgium, France · 2016 · 14' 

Sitting on the edge of the yawning rift, she has waited too long, far too long, for the mountain to give her back her lover, trapped in the ice.

An Aviation Field

Joana Pimenta, USA, Portugal, Brazil · 2016 · 14' 

An aviation field in an unknown suburb. The lake underneath the city burns the streets. The mountains throw rocks into the gardens. In the crater of a volcano in Fogo, a model Brazilian city is lifted and dissolves. Two people find each other in this landscape, 50 years apart.


Camilo Restrepo, France · 2016 · 12' 

To keep the promise she made to her dying mother, a young woman sets off to find  her father, a fickle man she has never known.  On the way, she discovers he is in fact dead, but, driven by the bewitching  rhythms of the Maloya, a Reunion Island ritual singing and musical tradition,  she does not abandon her goal: she must find her father.

Indefinite Pitch

James N. Kienitz Wilkins, USA · 2016 · 23'

A pathetic movie pitch set in Berlin slips into the murkiness of memory and into histories best forgotten or purposely ignored.

The Hunchback

Gabriel Abrantes and Ben Rivers, Portugal, France · 2016 · 30' 

In this delirious sci-fi take on the Arabian Nights’ Tale of the Hunchback,, a mega-corporation reigning over a technological dystopia, forces its employees to “relax” at company-run medieval re-enactments.